Speaking walls into our classrooms: a dream made true. Teacher: Sophie Malka. 8th Grade.

We always say our walls must speak about what we do in class: it' s a relevant tool to remind our pupils what's  what they are studying, but also to make them and active and proud part of the process of learning... Added to this, the results evoke, with no doubt, the different capacities of our children about the same topic! Congrats, 8th Grade! Congrats, Sophie!

Preparing Halloween's since the first Grades of English: Art is a powerful ally... Teacher: Hiba Moas.

Arts involve everybody. Arts don't  focus on our proficiency of the language, but on everybody's capacity to get involved by any interested issue. Once we're  interested in themes, we want to express our opinions, understand more by listening... We get involved by language too.

Arts allow our pupils to create, to get active towards languages, to feel whatever they are working in...
          Monsters, witches, ghosts                            and bats...
           They won't t forget it!
Because they created it and they                     enjoyed a lot!

English Dept. Preparing Halloween's. Worksheets. 8th Grade. Teacher: Lina.

An example of how Art and contents can be taught together, enjoying the moment and making our pupils feel part of the issue...

Chantons pour apprendre. Classe de 5ème. Prof.: Claire Deeb:

Comme  un oiseau aux yeux de                   lumière....

English Dept. 5th and 2nd Grades. Teaching through songs. Teacher: Claire Deeb

Upssss...This is the band's song
                    Vitamin C
These are our students... Aren't they GREAT? Just 5th Graders... :)

                    The wheels...

La télé, comme moyen de communication chez nos petits élèves. Français.

Alissia. 1A
                     Daniela. 2B

                        Nada. 3A

                     Touana. 3

Sujet : les émotions

Technique de classe : la télévision qui parle français

Moyen : un cageot de légumes transformé en télévision.

Classe : 1ème,  2ème et 3ème

Matière : FLE

Professeur : Céline Cateland-Sharon

Fabulous tridimensional Solar system, Arabic lessons. 8th Grade

מערכת השמש . עבודה של תלמידי כתות ח'.