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Fabulous tridimensional Solar system, Arabic lessons. 8th Grade

מערכת השמש . עבודה של תלמידי כתות ח'.

Alice in Wonderland with 12th Grade. Reading and analysis of our 2nd term

Choices in life! Do you feel lost! Reflect, be strong and lead yourself wherever you want to go...

The picture of Dorian Gray: final team task after its reading ( 2nd term 2017-18). 20th grade

Working on the different skills thanks to reading: writing expression (descriptions, reflections, logical processes ), reading comprehension( how to get the issues and messages from aatext).  From the text to its meaning: great 2nde! (10th Grade).

Let's have a debate. 9th, 10th and 11th graders from our different LaSallian schools of the country, debating on the following topic: Human effect on global warming, is it a myth?

Thanks for coming, brothers from Jerusalem and Bet Chanin ! A wonderful experience of 24 students, debating in English about a relevant issue of our time and our future: Global warming. Sessions of videos, coordination through mixed teams with students with the three schools, preparation an technological research...Finally the debate! An example of serious work, using English as an excellent thinking, expressing and social tool! Thks to all the participants and all the organisers. Thks to our brothered schools. It was a pleasure to host you... Folders prepared by our 10th Grade, in order each participant could keep his notes, info, even a list of our students to complete their data and be able to keep in touch after the event. Building links...: