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Le Malade imaginaire 7ème. Muriel Timsit. Français-Hébreu.

How cute they/you were, class! Please share your memories about it... How do you see yourselves there? This was the second time I met you (the first time was in our "Animal politics" -weird title, amazing play produced by 11th Grade, 4 years ago...- and then you invited me to your play). Your teacher, with love and pride!  :) 

"Paris sera toujours Paris". Une production "Classe de 7ème B". (Prof. Mme Muriel Timsit)

Michelle Pasman' suggestion: a peculiar approach to W Shakespeare' works

Make your own conclusions...

Beginning the analysis of Chinese Cultural Revolution: a multidisciplinary project between History and English, in the context of the English issue called " Progress". 12th Grade

Falling leaves, by Adeline Yen Mah: an analysis of Chinese cultural revolution times vs Chinese traditions. Family issues. 11th Grade ( Lit section)